Brief History Hoodywood Records was founded by American composer and business man Antheiaus Conquest. Hoodywood Records was launched under the Conglomeride Entertainment corporate umbrella, and set up shop in the 90078 zip code.

independents As ongoing corporate consolidation transforms the music industry, the biggest beneficiary of the restructuring has been the independent sector. Over the last several years the independents have consistently surpassed many of the multinationals in market share. Hoodywood Records endeavors to be a leader amongst this group of independent labels. Hoodywood Records is the most unique frontline, freestanding record company in the United States.

The Brand Hoodywood Records is Conglomeride Ent’s flagship music brand and is growing into a diverse entertainment company with a reputation for discovering and developing innovative music and talent. In its brief history, Hoodywood Records has been on the industry’s cutting edge, introducing to the world such impact artists as “Parkhill”, “Bianca “Doon Gotta”  “Skrap A Lot” and Richard “G-Sack” Porter.

Marketing Hoodywood Records provides the credibility and focus of an indie and the marketing and distribution muscle of a major while priding itself on grass roots artist development. Hoodywood’s eclectic roster runs the gamut of today’s popular music. Hoodywood will continue to expand and develop through partnerships with key brand name entities and branded products

Digital Hoodywood Records is a leader in music delivery via the Internet. While major labels are still making announcements of future plans for digital distribution,Conglomeride Inc / Hoodywood Records will make its entire catalog available for digital download along with its entire repertoire of music  and will make its videos available for
streaming over the net.

Partnerships Conglomeride Entertainment is in the works to form strategic partnerships with iTunes, IODA, eOne,Yahoo, Google play. These alliances will solidify our cutting edge position in the evolving online music market place.